Video Projection

Tech Event UK supplies video projection equipment for many different types of events like Conferences, training seminars, film showings, and dance events. We can offer a large range of sizes from classroom projectors to cinema size and depending on the event we can offer front projection or rear projection.

We can supply all other support equipment you need from Laptops with the latest hi-tech specifications with power point or other presentation software, to easy-to-use remote presenters making it possible for all presentation to run smoothly. Cue light systems are available to keep presentation on time or to prompt speakers or other staff.  

A selection broadcast quality DVD players are available,  along with video mixers and VGA splitters to give you maximum flexibility for  inputs and outputs for multiple presentations and a number of different projectors or LCD/Plasma TV’s to give the best looking visual aid to your event.

If you are going to a venue that already has presentation equipment but no technical support like a lot of hotels, we can supply a technician to work with you and the venue to make your event go smoothly and give you peace of mind.

Let your ideas become visual!

We can supply:
Remote presenters
DVD players
Cue Light Systems
Video mixers
VGA splitters
Laser pointers