Power DistributionPower Distribution

Tech Event UK makes getting the power you need to where you need it easy and safe.
We work with you to assess the requirements you or your clients have and the best options for you.

We will liaise with you, the event organiser, and the venue to work out an event power plan.  This will ensure that all your power needs will be met and all your requirements taken into account.  This plan will help to indicate if there will be the need for a generator, the routing of cables within the venue and the type of outlets and their locations.
We can provide a large range of socket outlets depending on the needs.  We can organise power for your whole event, from catering to exhibition stalls, from powering a video projector to powering a lighting rig.

Health & safety is paramount and all equipment is protected by MCBs and RCDs
All our out door power is IP rated. All equipment is PAT Tested and inspected regularly. We have large range of matting and cable trucking with high visibility markings to prevent any trip hazards.

Let us power your event!

Power Distros
Plug boards  
Cable covers
Earth spikes
Power testers

125amp 3ph        125amp 1ph
63amp 3ph        63amp 1ph
32amp 3ph        32amp 1ph
16amp 3ph        16amp 1ph
13amp 1ph

All converters and Generator tails to various sockets

We have watt you need!!!